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Advertise With Us

Why Advertise With Us?

Heavens Entrepreneurs TV Network offers a unique and impactful opportunity to engage with a diverse audience of Kingdom individuals dedicated to spiritual growth, personal development, wealth, and entrepreneurship. Our advertising experience encompasses the following:

Our primary audience consists of individuals deeply committed to their faith journey, actively seeking content and products that align with their values and faith. They form a cohesive community that trusts the content we provide. By featuring your brand on our network, you not only reach this receptive audience but also align your brand with our Kingdom mission of unlocking purpose and wealth for the body of Christ. This partnership enhances your brand’s reputation and values by associating it with a respected and credible platform. With various advertising options, including sponsored segments and original content, your brand seamlessly integrates into our programming, providing our audience with valuable insights and engagement.

Reach Overiew:

The “Heavens Entrepreneurs TV Network” is focused on growth via collaboration with multiple Kingdom Leaders, ministries and businesses:

Thousands of viewers consistently engage with our content, including both men and women, across website traffic, social media, and YouTube broadcasts.

Email broadcasts/newsletters are sent directly to subscribers’ inboxes to keep them updated with the latest happenings.

Active efforts to build social media engagement through organic and paid advertising to reach a broader audience.

Creation of new content to engage our followers and maximize the impact of advertisers’ content.

Demographic Overview:

Our viewership comprises a diverse range of individuals, including:

A wide age range spanning from 20 to 65 years old, ensuring diverse perspectives and life experiences.

International coverage with a primary focus on the United States and the Western World.

Various income levels, including high-level entrepreneurs, emerging business owners, and individuals aspiring to entrepreneurship, all seeking Kingdom Entrepreneurial entertainment.

Interests aligned with kingdom principles, emphasizing Kingdom values, personal growth, entrepreneurship, and active online community engagement.

Advertising Options:

We offer various advertising methods, including:

Tailored Campaigns: Customized strategies addressing specific objectives to effectively engage our broad audience.

Sponsored Segments: Video segments in our weekly broadcasts.

Display Advertisements: Dynamic banners strategically positioned across our video content and website.

Newsletter Features: Advertisements integrated within our newsletters for targeted exposure to subscribers.

Social Media Advertising: Utilization of organic and paid advertising for extended reach.

Submission Process:

Please contact our advertising team at for information on advertising options, including pricing, placement, and availability. We are committed to assisting you in connecting with our dedicated Kingdom community, encompassing both men and women, and achieving your advertising goals.

Heavens Entrepreneurs TV Network is committed to ethical advertising standards and reserves the right to decline ads that do not align with our values or mission. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to help expand your vision, business, and ministries, and we appreciate your consideration in partnering with us.

Contact Information:

Please email us at 

Please allow 24-72 hours for us to respond.