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Marnie Firipis – Children’s Story Book Writer, Prophetic Writer
  I am Marnie Elizabeth Firipis. See Marnie's Work Here: and I am an entrepreneur, writer, poet, health economist, pharmacist, and a mother of 4, from the coast of Geelong, in Australia. I'm called to reveal the face of God as redeemer, creator, and communicator on the mountains of arts & entertainment, religion, and economy. I have…
Jay Martin - The Kingdom Copywriter | Heavens Entrepreneurs
Jay Martin – The Kingdom Copywriter
Email Copywriting That Encourages Your Tribe And Entices Your List To Take Action Hey! My name is Jay Martin, a 29 year old Texan. I aim to provide excellent copywriting services by drawing from my connection to Holy Spirit, previous marketing experiences, A.I. and the copywriting community that I am a part of. So far, the Lord…
Jeremy Mura and Kurshin Joseph Heavens Entrepreneurs TV Network
Jeremy Mura – Logo and Brand Design
Custom branding builds your authority in your space and starts to create that bridge of trust. It sets you apart from the vast sky of other brands that do what you do. Get a beautiful bold brand that attracts customers, increases conversions and grows your audience. Brand Strategy, Logo and Brand Design, Graphic Design Services. What's Available? Brand…