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Latest Books

Leaving My Amish World - My True Story

Pregnant. Shunned. Heartbroken. Eirene knows God is calling her to leave so she can serve God. But is she willing to leave her family, her community, and everything she’s ever known behind? This is Eirene’s true story of how she left the Amish. Read More

Life After Leaving My Amish World - The My Amish World Series Book 2

In this book, you’ll learn what a struggle it is to break away from the Amish. When Eirene Eicher leaves her Amish community with her five sons, the boys are shunned along with her and experience the pain of rejection at a very young age, causing them to be disenchanted with the entire Amish world. Read More

Growing Up In My Amish World

Dive into the fully revised, second edition of Eirene Eicher’s tales of her Amish childhood. Skip down the path behind the cows, swing from the hayloft, and play ball in the basement of a one-room schoolhouse as you follow this happy narrative of growing up Amish. Read More

Teenage Mom to Empowered Woman chronicles the stories of 10 women who overcame the stigmatism of being a teenage, out of wedlock mother to rise to prominence in their related fields. They are proof that with God, there is nothing you can’t overcome.