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Tomato Salsa - Eirene Eicher
Best Fresh Salsa Recipe By Eirene Eicher
Can you feel the goodness of new life in the air? Spring has only just begun, but many states are already experiencing warm temperatures and that makes it the perfect time to whip up a batch of fresh salsa. Especially if you have tomatoes already ripening in your greenhouse or garden! The key to a tasty salsa is in the type of tomato you use. The sweet cherry tomato mixed with Roma tomatoes is my favorite tomato combination. If you can find garden-fresh Roma and sweet cherry tomatoes, those are divine! This is my favorite fresh salsa recipe. Whenever I make it for my family, my boys fight over it. I never measure any of these ingredients so I'm guessing approximate amounts.

Best Fresh Salsa Recipe

2 lbs tomatoes 1 green pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 onion 1 poblano pepper 1 Jalapeño or more to suit your preference of spice/heat Chop all these ingredients and mix them together. Season to taste with: 1 Tablespoon Mrs. Wages Salsa mix Salt and pepper Juice of 1 lemon tortilla_chips_eirene_eicher-removebg-preview Serve with tortilla chips or top baked potatoes and chili soup with this goodness. Enjoy!   Eirene Eicher - Heavens Entrepreneurs TV Network

Eirene, an ex-Amish Amish woman, grew up on a farm in a rural Old Order Amish community in Geneva IN. Being the oldest girl in a family of 16 children, she worked very hard. She also played hard and loved every minute.

She never thought she would ever leave her beloved community where she felt content serving her family. In fact, she never wanted to leave the safe haven of her Amish community until she began her search for Truth.

Eirene married an Amish man and together they had 5 boys. After being excommunicated from the Amish church, she gave birth to another son. Eight years later, they adopted their 7th son.

Eirene ventured out into the wilderness of life and currently serves in a women’s jail ministry. She is a full-time grandmother, insurance broker, and encourager of those in need.

She feels blessed beyond anything she could have imagined and she thoroughly enjoys her life, her friends, and her family. Eirene prays that her books are an encouragement to all who read her story.

Eirene Eicher Books - Heavens Entrepreneurs TV Network

'This book helped me change my perspective in life, especially now that I have 2 little kids and once in a while the road gets rocky. The author is such a testimony of God's love. When I started reading, I couldn't put it down and I saw myself crying at times, especially in those moments she chose to keep going and leaning in God when she felt she didn’t have anything left at all. I have little background with the Amish world and this book helped me have a good understanding of them but most of all, a great testimony that with God, nothing is impossible. I'm just totally moved by this book. If you want to encourage someone, this book is such a great gift. Highly recommended!'

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